Technology Graduate Programme

Tailored to banking and finance sectors

Empowering graduate talents with immersive experiences and real-world solutions within a customised, blended-learning approach. Equip your next generation of leaders with the skills and confidence to thrive in the digital age of banking and finance.

We make a difference by
Developing Tech-Savvy Leaders
and helping incumbents become

Top-Notch Consultants and Global Instructors

Digital Transformation Experts

Financial Services Focused

About the Graduate Programme

With a proven track record of success in the GCC region, we specialise in delivering top-notch training tailored to the banking and financial industry. This 6-month customisable programme enables you to steer your career in a tech/digital role. Discover yourself through a wide selection of accelerated, in-depth coverage of one of several designed Pathways.

Programme Features:

  • Unique blend of self-paced virtual learning, interactive workshops, and real-life use cases
  • Tech and digital awareness related to the banking industry
  • Future skills development workshops
  • Targeted online learning
  • Real-life business problem-solving using digital technologies
  • Deep-skilling and job positioning

Digital Pathways and Potential Areas


RPA Developer
RPA Architect
AI Engineer
AI Scientist
DevOps Engineer

Data Office

Data Scientist
Data Analyst
Data Engineer
SQL Server Developer
Cloud Portioner

Digital Banking

UX/UI Designer
CX/UX Executive
Product Owner
Data Analyst
Digital Partnership Specialist

Digital Office

Digital Transformation Executive
Business Process Improvement Executive
FinTech Specialist
Innovation Executive


Network Administrator
Systems Analyst
IT Systems Architect
Database Analyst
SQL Database Administrator
DevOps Engineer


Application Security Administrator
Data Privacy Officer
Digital Forensics Analyst
IT Security Engineer
Information Assurance Analyst

Fraud Management

Fraud Analyst
Fraud Detection Specialist
AML Analyst

Data Management

Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Data Privacy Officer
Cloud Specialist

The Graduate Learning Journey

Explore our comprehensive learning tracks, each meticulously crafted to meet the demands of today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re passionate about cybersecurity, data analytics, or fintech, our diverse range of courses ensures there’s something for everyone. Gain hands-on experience, build your expertise, and become a leader in your field with our integrated learning platform. 

At our Digital Graduate Programme, we offer a diverse range of modules designed to cater to different learning styles and career paths. Each course is carefully curated to provide a comprehensive learning experience, combining virtual and face-to-face formats to accommodate various preferences and needs.  


Agile Methodologies
Innovation & Design Thinking
Customer Experience in Banking
FinTech and Open Banking
Digital Payments
DBS Journey
Building Digital Banking Products
ESG in Banking


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